bid the mournings adieu, the morning dew
moisturizing the sky, hi,  good morning to you- my love.
how nice of you to join my side after leaving —-
so early creepin’ behind the horizons last evening,
but now you’re here, my sol, my summer solstice
my soul lifts, you make me feel whole, I hold you closely.
I bask in you, emotions interwoven like baskets
wishing i can pass it to show how my passion moves.
you covered 93 million miles in 8 minutes
remain hidden at times, but most days ya pay visits
it doesn’t take physics to know you’re wondrous
giving light the the wanderers, thankful because I’m conscious of
the effort as you conjure up light - to shine the darkness up
the reason why I’m able find art in all of this.
glad we partnered up, my heart, my love.
more than just a glimmer; you make me feel prosperous.
and its all for us.

Instrumental by MKSB:





Filmed and Edited and Directed by Erick Sebastian Zuniga

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