Reciteall (Justin Ong) - My December Señorita (Prod. by Rythmatical)

Lyrics:Millenniums felt like seconds with time spent between you and me, I’m
processing memory like Pentiums, and begins the
many-a-times i penny pinched to stack ten of them, adding
up to the dime piece that you are . .

To find thee, i would drive 5 weeks just to
be in your line of vision in a park to sight me from a far
caught up with a broken heart, defining what i miss so hard: outlined in my
Christmas card. the missing parts of me that you have left

suggests: you are my December Senorita
in dreams you are found, arms around so i remember to keep ya
I’m wishing that we could remedy our past, But I’m
finally acquiring the saying at last

"Its better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all"
out of my exs, I choose you
never thought you’d “fall out sooner” like years with no summer
involved, in all, we’re far from everything that we used to be…

Mark and Justin’s channel


Aldrich Manlutac

Theresa Liu

Cinematography by Erick S.Zuniga and Reuben Sanchez

Directed and Edited by Erick Sebastian Zuniga
Filmed and Edited and Directed by Erick Sebastian Zuniga

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